What Are Roller Blinds?

Roller shades roll up neatly at the top of your window when raised and decorate your window with beautiful fabric when lowered. You can choose the amount of light your roller shades let into your home or office. Blackout shades can completely block out light, making them ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, or entertainment rooms. You can leave light gaps between the shade and window frame to let in some light even when the shades are closed.

Roller blinds allow you to choose how much light comes into your home or office. You can achieve privacy and light control by raising or lowering the blinds. Simply open the blinds to allow natural light and pull them down whenever you need protection from the sun's rays and privacy. Roller blinds are extremely popular due to their versatility, functionality, and affordability. Based on global trends, Soho Blinds offers a wide selection of roller blinds that amalgamate beauty and durability. From quality fabric collections in a variety of patterns and colours to modular roller blind hardware for motorization, we have it all.  Here are the key features of our roller blinds:

  • 100% aluminum casing or hardware
  • 100% premium polyester fabric or vinyl roller with a 2% openness factor
  • Blackout fabric provides 98% room darkness.
  • Vinyl rollers allow 2% light and 100% privacy.
  • Vinyl rollers are very durable.
  • Vinyl rollers are suitable for commercial, residential, and even outdoor use.
  • Extensive selection of light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics
  • Often installed in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, bathrooms, and kitchens that feature oversized windows due to the unparalleled level of privacy and sun protection.
  • Options for valances

Beside functionality, our roller blinds are easily customizable and come in a broad range of design options for all décor styles. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, quirky, or quintessential designs, you'll find something that suits you in our collection.

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Build your own custom blinds to suit your style, needs & budget

custom roller blinds
  • Choose your fabric

    Custom prints now available! Any pattern, design, or colour!

    Choose the right fabric to give your roller blinds blackout or light filtering properties to suit your preferences for different rooms in your home. Improve privacy in coveted spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms with blackout fabrics and bring extra light into the heart of your home or business with light-filtering fabrics.

    Blackout Fabrics Light Filtering Fabrics
  • Choose your hardware

    Choose from a variety of metal colours for hardware to ensure your new blinds fit seamlessly into your current design.

  • Choose your CONTROL SYSTEM

    Add motorization and/or smart AI voice controls to automate your light control and simplify your life. You can set scenes to enjoy your favourite outdoor weather and more!

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Roller Blinds for Room Darkening & Blackout Conditions

Roller blinds are similar to solar blinds in terms of functionality. However, solar shades are light filtering while roller blinds are room darkening. At Soho Blinds, we make it easy for you to upgrade your style whenever you want to, with the option to change fabric at a discounted rate. Contact Soho Blinds to get started!

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