What Are Smart Blinds?

Smart or voice control blinds are a great solution to help control your energy costs by controlling your blinds in response to weather conditions and dependence on artificial light. Approximately 20% of your home's heating energy is usually lost through the windows. With smart blinds, you can set daily triggers to open and close your blinds based on season-based light conditions or the time of day. 

Other features of our smart blinds include:

  • Set scenes (example OPENS when snowing)
  • Program to close when sunny to protect furniture, rugs, art, upholstery etc., from sun damage
  • Easy syncing to weather apps
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Upgrade Your Motorized Window Blinds with Smart Shade Controls

smart shade controls

Supported By Your Smart Home Devices

You can integrate voice-control blinds into your existing home automation system. Our smart blinds are compatible with any home automation solution, including Google Home, Siri, and Alexa. Like any other home automation system, you can operate your voice control blinds anytime, regardless of where you are. All you need is your phone and internet connectivity.

Improved Energy Performance

All our blinds are energy efficient, but you can automate them to improve energy performance even further. Our smart scheduling feature allows you to dynamically control the window blinds. During warmer summer months, you can set your smart blinds to automatically close when temperatures soar higher to help keep the extreme heat out and reduce the burden on your AC. Smart blinds can also minimize heat loss during colder winter months by automatically closing the shades at night.

Set Scenes and Control Privacy

Our smart blinds can be pre-programmed to simplify your life by following your schedule. You can set the exact time for your blinds to open and close. As a result, no one will ever tell if you're away on vacation. You can also sync your blinds to a weather app so they can close down when it's raining and open up while snowing.

Enhanced Light and Glare Control

You can automate your blinds to open with the rising sun, gently waking you up in the morning at the touch of the rising sunlight. You can also open and close your blinds through integrated voice control or at the touch of a button. Use the position control feature to seamlessly adjust your smart blinds depending on the time of day. Our smart blinds can also protect your home from the scorching afternoon sun, allowing you to spend more time on your porch.

Solar Charging

Our smart blind technology doesn't add to your energy bill. You can integrate your smart blinds with solar panels for charging, particularly for high windows. Charging the motor for about 6 hours will serve you for up to 3 months.

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Why Soho Blinds for Your Smart Window Covering Solutions

As a leading provider of hi-tech window coverings, Soho Blinds doesn't compromise on quality or function. Our voice-control blinds are available in various materials and colours and are designed for unmatched durability. That's why our products come with an impressive warranty of 3 years for motors and 5 years for the smart hub. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced design consultants and learn more about our smart window-covering solutions that tick all the boxes: durability, function, and beauty.

Are you looking for smart blinds that guarantee quality, privacy, and energy efficiency while using the top tech available? Call Soho Blinds!

Looking for blinds that guarantee privacy, quality, and energy efficiency while utilizing the top tech available?

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