What to Love About Custom Blackout Roller Blinds

What to Love About Custom Blackout Roller Blinds

Over the years, many homeowners have shifted their focus towards keeping outdoor light from entering living spaces, rather than the other way around. Custom blackout roller blinds are a highly effective and popular window treatment solution where absolute privacy and darkness are desired.

Blackout roller blinds can be a great addition to your home, bringing several benefits and advantages to your living spaces. Below is a breakdown of things to love about custom blackout roller blinds as your window covering option. Get in touch with us today for an estimate!

They Ensure a High Degree of Privacy

One of the main draws of blackout roller blinds is that they offer a high degree of privacy. It’s nigh impossible to see through custom blackout roller blinds.

Depending on your fabric of choice, you can easily tackle intruding eyes through room darkening, light filtering, or complete blackout, depending on your needs and preferences. This level of light control affords you ultimate privacy, especially for rooms that are more exposed to the outside world.

They Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Custom blackout roller blinds can also help improve your sleep quality by providing a suitable bedroom environment depending on the time of day. During bright summer months, you can block out the morning light and sleep longer.

For daytime naps, blackout roller blinds can help you fall and stay asleep by keeping outdoor light to a minimum. This is highly beneficial for overnight workers, and children’s bedrooms. At night, blackout blinds can keep light pollution at bay helping light sleepers sleep better.

They Can Improve Your Home’s Thermal Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an underrated benefit of blackout roller blinds. Windows account for up to 30 % of your home’s energy losses. The thick and dark fabric of blackout blinds helps block out heat from the sun during summer months, keeping your spaces cool and comfortable.

During winter, the blinds have the opposite effect. They help trap indoor heat keeping the home warm.

Custom blackout roller blinds allow you to choose thicker and heavier two-ply or four-ply fabric for even better insulation. This dual insulation functionality improves your home’s overall energy efficiency, saving you money on utility bills long-term.

Wide Range of Design Options

It’s easy to think of blackout blinds as just dark blinds without much design or style. However, this isn’t the case. With custom blackout roller blinds, you have access to a wide range of fabrics, blind styles, textures, patterns, colours, and designs.

You can easily find elegant blackout blinds that match the interior décor or aesthetic of your rooms. They also blend well with upholstery. This high degree of customizability and versatility means that you can select blackout roller blinds that make a visual impact through strong colours or go for a sleek minimalist look.

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They are Easy to Use and Easy to Maintain

Blackout roller blinds are some of the most user-friendly window treatments you can install. Depending on how much light you want into your spaces, you can simply roll the blinds up or down using a cord or chain. There’s also the option for motorized blinds, which you can conveniently operate from anywhere with the push of a button.

Custom blackout roller blinds are also easy to maintain. Since they are made from high-quality fade and tear-resistant fabric, you only need to dust the blinds off with a cloth to keep them clean.

They are Affordable

Given the amazing benefits that they offer, it may be surprising that blackout roller blinds are quite affordable. While there are some pricier options out there, they tend to be affordable, especially when compared to other window coverings like curtains and vertical blinds.

This is not to mention the long-term cost-effectiveness that their minimal maintenance needs and insulation properties grant you.

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